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The Meowing Monster Katz Rescue is a 501(3)c, non profit organization.  All of our funding comes from donations.

Contrary to popular belief, Rescues don't have money growing cat trees, nor have we perfected growing catnip cash in our herb garden....but the reality is, everyday is a struggle financially.  We are responsible for ensuring that every animal that comes through our doors are taken care of. There not a day that goes by that we don't receive messages from people asking for help. "I found this kitten!" "Help! This cat was hit by a car!" "I'm moving and I can't take my pet!" And everyday we have to say no. We don't say no because we want to, in fact it's the worse feeling in the word to deny a plea for help, but we literally have no choice, we can not afford to take them all!  They all have to be quarantined, health checked, vaccinated, altered, microchipped, given new beds, blankies, toys, bowls, slippers, and a nightgown and bonnet. They demand breakfast, lunch and dinner...oh and snacks...can't forget the snacks.  Some are on special formulated diets, some are sick and require vet visits, medications, and surgeries.  Some of them just hate us all together, no matter what amenities we provide....Every new animal brings a new struggle, and we never know what it will be until they show up on our doorstep. That's why everything is always last minute. We are always scrambling to make ends meet....Everything is always a race against the clock because there is no pre planning and emergency!


We tried alternative ways of raising money in the past....Our Kitty Enrichment Program! We got our kitties jobs at the local sweater shop.  We thought it would be a great way to socialize them and they could earn their keep!  What a great idea!!.....ya no....They were all fired by the end of the day.....sleeping on the breakroom table, running amuck in the sewing room, demanding attention when they should be working, and the last straw was they all stole the sweater balls of yarn.....they stole the fricken yarn! I mean really?! So Kitty enrichment program was a complete failure! 


No animal should ever be left behind to fend for themselves, nor be denied an opportunity to find a loving home due to financial constraints.   While we have met some very intelligent animals that would love nothing more then to foot their own bill, they were not meant to work in sweater shops, and they really shouldn't be driving uber for rent reasons....They deserve to live free of fear, have a comfy bed to sleep in, and if they want slippers, nightgowns and bonnets.....they deserve to have slipper, nightgowns and bonnets! But most importantly, every animal should have a family who loves them unconditionally....even if they do steal yarn from a sweater shop...... 


Donations can come in many forms, it doesn't always have to be catnip cash. You could become a foster, or volunteer your time, or donate food and supplies, or sponsor an adoption or spay and neuter. The smallest jester from you, means the world to us! 


No matter what your able to give, we appreciate the fact that your willing to share with us, so we can continue spreading the love to as many animals as possible. (Ok... let's be real here....We want a money growing cat tree...nothing more, nothing less....just a cat tree that grows money....or if someone can figure out how to grow this catnip cash plant in the herb garden.....we will take one of those too! Those are #1 on our Amazon Wishlist)  

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