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Doggie Friends

Doggie Friends?

What do you mean Doggie Friends, aren't you a Katz rescue?

Technically, yes, we specialize in Meows, more so then Barks, but we love our Doggies too!  


We have partnered with a local accredited dog trainer and a few independent rescue friends who only work with last chance dogs.  Last chance dogs are those that everyone has given up on.  They are dogs with some sort of behavioral issues, and have been deemed hard to adopt or unadoptable. These dogs may have been abused, or lost their confidence and became aggressive or fearful and scared of their own shadow. They may have a high prey drive or never been socialized correctly.  There are so many different things that could have contributed to their behavioral issues, and we will never know for sure what happened to them in their past that lead them down this road, but one thing we do know is, they deserve a chance at being a normal dog with a family who understands and loves them.  


These type of dog require special people who are willing to devote the time and energy into rehabilitating them.  Rehabilitating can take months or even years, and some dogs may never come around and end up being sanctuary dogs (dogs that never leave their fosters and become permanent residents in their homes or who are placed in actual safe haven dog sanctuaries where they live out the remainder of their life being free to be who they are.), 


While these dogs, with the proper training, can easily become a great loyal pet, these dogs require a experienced handler and adopters are heavily screened.  For that reason, you won't see any of those specific dogs available for adoption on our website. 

If your interested, you will need to contact us directly for further information.


Due to the length of time each dog is with us, our intake is on a very limited and select basis, and there is a waiting list a mile long.  If your needing to surrender your personal dog or if you have found a dog and need help in locating its owner, there are tons of facebook groups and other rescues out there that specialize in those types of dogs and situations.  

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