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Our Kitties

We are a foster based rescue, which means, all of our kitties are guests in our homes. They live amongst our families, with our personal pets, and are loved and treated as they were our own.  Doing this gives us insight into what type of environment, home and family each kitty will thrive in.  For us, its not about just finding our kitties a home, but it's about finding the right type of home for our kitties...and in turn, finding your purrfect kitty for your home. 


The majority of our kitties are listed on Petfinder or Adoptapet.....but if you don't see one that you're looking for, we might have a secret stash of kitties lingering in the shadows that are just waiting for the right time to pop out and take the world by storm.  To see those special will have to email us directly from our contact us page!

All of our kitties have had a basic health check, dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and altered, prior to adoption.  They will come with their health record, detailing all medical information and notes, a bag of food, their favorite toys and any other items they have claimed as their own while on vacation with us. 

Up for Adoption

See out adoptable pets on adoptapet link
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